Perioral Lines (Smoker’s Lines)

Smokers lines affecting upper lip

Smokers Lines Treatments in Swansea

You want people to notice your smile, not the wrinkles above it. Those troublesome lines that form above your top lip are called vertical lip lines, or perioral lines (also known as smokers’ lines). They can appear as very fine lines but for some they can be quite deep. Treatment of this area often involves a very fine thread of dermal filler into the upper lip boarder to provide structure and then filling the lines above the mouth. 

Bleeding of the lipstick is significantly improved with this technique. The right filler must be used or the treatment may result in a heavy look. In some cases treatment with anti-wrinkle treatments in this area provides patients with the best outcome. Fillers of choice for this area are Belotero and Restylane and Juvederm.






3 – 6 Months


3 – 14 Days


30 Minutes



Freya is very professional and calm-she makes you feel totally at ease with a touch of Freya humour which always helps-I would firmly recommend her services as she is constantly reviewing and updating her knowledge

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