Hay Fever Injections

Reduce the effects of hay fever

Hay Fever injections in Swansea

Cold flannels and Hay Fever tablets may not be working for you and maybe you’re looking for something a little more permanent. Hay Fever injections can last for the duration of the season and save you the inconvenience of taking tablets daily. 

If you have a summer holiday booked, this injection can be the perfect way to prepare your body for continuous outside activities. Normally around 10-15% of us suffer from Hay Fever and it is simply your immune system reacting to the presence of pollen. 

A Hay Fever injection administers the steroids directly into the muscle, and as it doesn’t travel through the liver or the digestive system you can administer a slightly lower dose than the tablet form. From here they pass into the bloodstream over a period of around three weeks.

Injections are prescribed and administed by registered Nurse, Freya Carlson.






3 – 6 Months


3 Weeks


30 Minutes



Freya is very professional and calm-she makes you feel totally at ease with a touch of Freya humour which always helps-I would firmly recommend her services as she is constantly reviewing and updating her knowledge

Leanne Harvey

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