Freya Carlsen
Skinfinity Founder

Skinfinity was established in 2012 by aesthetic nurse Freya Carlsen. With over 25 years experience in nursing and the pharmaceutical industry, her passion has always been in the field of aesthetics. At Skinfinity I help clients feel great about themselves through a range of non surgical procedures delivered in pleasant, private surroundings.

So what can you expect from a visit to Skinfinity especially if this is the first time you’ve thought about ‘having work done’ as it’s often referred to? 

A lot of listening at first to get an understanding of your lifestyle and how you’d like to improve your appearance, then once the procedures have been fully explained and the treatments agreed, my approach combines artistry with clinical expertise. “It’s not simply a case of injecting products into people’s faces to get rid of a few wrinkles. Skinfinity is about understanding facial anatomy, how the aging process affects it and what can be done safely to improve appearance.”

My mission at Skinfinity is to provide the highest level of care to those looking to enhance their appearance (my patients).  As a center of excellence, I strongly believe in four core values.

  • Excellence in all that we do
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Fairness in our treatment of patients, employees, partners and referring physicians
  • Passion for the practice of aesthetic medicine and for those I care for


I am passionate about aesthetics and with over 20 years’ experience in nursing and the pharmaceutical industry decided to set up Skinfinity in 2012.


My expertise cover a number of medical treatments as well as dermal fillers, PRP, microneedling skin rejuvenation and medical grade skincare.


Advanced training lies at the core of Skinfinity’s success, coupled with a gentle yet confident approach that gives clients the results they hope for.

Award Winning

Skinfinity is an award winning clinic in Swansea, recognised at the Aesthetic Awards for the best Midlands and Wales Aesthetic clinic in 2018.


As a qualified Independent Nurse Prescriber my experience in the field of aesthetics has been enhanced further by working on London’s Harley Street.

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Our aesthetic clinic in Swansea offers a range of treatments to improve skin quality and reverse the signs of ageing. During your consultation, we’ll get to know your expectations and areas of concern.